The Best Airlines in US


10. US airways

This airline has been showing progress over the years, but it still does not feature among the very best. It reported 1.39 % of canceled flights, one of the highest, 27% delayed arrivals and 66 denied boarding per a million passengers. It got a consumer satisfaction score of 64.

9. American airlines

This airline featured among the worst, especially in cases of mishandled bags and denied boarding. For mishandled bags, it posted records of 3.59 mishandled bags per 1000 passengers while its rate of denied boarding was 33 passengers per a million. It also recorded 30% of delayed arrivals and 1.42% of cancelled flights. Its overall consumer satisfaction score was 65.

8. Southwest airlines

This airline has a reputation for not charging its passengers for luggage, but it unfortunately also has one of the highest rates of mishandled bags, with about a rate of 4.2 bags out of 1000 being mishandled. It cancelled 0.78% of its flights and delayed 37.5% of all its flights. It also recorded the highest records of denied boarding, denying 148 passengers out of a million. Its customer satisfaction score was however better than that of many others, standing at 81.

7. Frontier airlines

One of the major factors contributing to this flight’s low rank is the frequency with which arrivals are delayed. The rate has been increasing over the years, standing at 32% this year. It also canceled 0.29% of its flights. It denied access to 138 customers out of every million and got a customer satisfaction score of 72.

6. Alaska airlines

Alaska airline also seems to be generally improving. The reason behind its frequent flight delays is the bad weather, but this too is going down, currently reporting 87.5% of on-time flights. Flight cancellations stand at 0.43%. It denied access to 32 passengers out of a million and got a customer satisfaction report of 72.

Airplane taking off at sunset

5. Hawaiian airlines

This airline has been getting good rankings over the last couple of years. It has also served the customers quite well to get rated among the five best airlines in the US. It gets less than one complaint out of every 10,000 customers and also denies less than one out of 10,000 customers from boarding. Furthermore, it recorded just 6.6 % in delays, making it quite popular with the people.

4. Delta airlines

This airline has generally been doing well over the years, and one of the major reasons behind its decline in performance lately is its acquisition of the Northwest airlines. It recorded 24% of delayed flights and 0.42% of cancelled ones. It further denied 86 out of a million customers from boarding, and got a consumer satisfaction score of 68.

3. Air Tran Airways

This airline has been generally performing well over the years, and the effects of its merge with Southwest airlines have not yet been fully realized. It has, however performed quite well currently, recording 1.52% of cancelled flights, and 36% of delayed landings. It denied access to 136 passengers out of a thousand and got a customer satisfaction score of 81, showing that it is quite popular with the people.

2. JetBlue Airways

This airline ticket is fairly cheap, but it still offers quite great service, making it the second most popular airline so far. It cancelled only 0.74% of all its flights and recorded on-time arrivals of 69.6%. It also had the lowest number of denied passengers, denying only two out of a million. It scored the highest when it came to consumer satisfaction, getting a score of 83.

1. Virgin America airline

This airline is reputed for its great customer service, security and handling of bags and general popularity with the people. It recorded the lowest rates of denied flights; 0.29%. It also arrived on time 70.6 % of the times. Out of a million passengers, only seven were denied access. It got a customer satisfaction score of 72.

When the scores of each airline in all the basis of judgment are combined, Virgin America airline emerged the best even though JetBlue Airways posted a higher customer satisfaction score. All in all, that is how each airline performed in all the aspects.




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