Fashion trends of 2014


2013 has been one of the most controversial years in terms of fashion trends. It had both its soft and rough edges. It is a year that brought back some of the old trends of 1920s and also embraced the stiff army attire and combat boots. Ladies took on tight dresses and overdid little black dresses. Men were obsessed with sneakers, khakis and designer shirts. 2014 has come with a totally new light in terms of fashion whose symptoms were indicated in the late 2013.

This year has begun on a high note, by facing off some of the popular trends of 2013. Skinny pants are already disappearing in big cloth stores to give way to flared and boot leg pants. Wedge sneakers are also disappearing to give way to stylish sandals and open shoes for ladies. This year, the sneakers will no longer be a must have for everyone but will instead go to sports. In 2013, tight pants and white sneakers over dominated the towns but will now be long gone history. UGGs are also gone. The furry furry Australian boots will have to leave the arena of fashion and pave way to some unknown brand. This was probably the only feet friendly shoe that has gone out without a reason. The industry has allowed massive plastic fabrication which indicates that we should prepare for more plastic shoes this year.

2014 for ladies will be a year of moderate and long skirts. The mini-shorts are already being faced out of the market. It is only about 0.5% of the urban world population that wore dresses in 2013 but they have clearly not succeeded. They have not achieved their purpose on curvy women and must hence be replaced immediately.

The black and white women dresses continue to dominate 2014. This fashion was unleashed in the late 2013 and is clearly taking root in most parts of the world up to date. Any combination of white and black on blouses, mini dresses, long skirts, shorts or t-shirts is still viable this year.

2014 is the year that beauty will be highly magnified by dresses. No matter what your shape is, whether curvy, plump, short, tall or round, there are dresses for you. Crop tops are now out of fashion since it’s now time to cover your tummy. Fashion normally alternates between extreme dresses and moderate ones each year. It’s clear that 2013 has been a year of extremes. The Mini skirts were clearly overused, as well as the blank backs. It’s now time to moderate and get things back to normal. The punk inspired Gothic spiked leather is a no no this year. It was one of the rare trends in 2013 but it’s not yet well qualified for the conservative 2014.

Anything that is inspired by the fashions of the 1920s will continue dominating in 2014. You can keep the flapper dresses, the turbans and headbands in your wardrobe. The tux inspired and smoking jackets will continue spreading their masculine elegance since nothing has qualified to replace them this year. Combat boots remain a hot fashion trend this year. They are still universal boots for both men and women with only small modifications in color and decorations.

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The inner-wear fashion trends have stood their ground this year. For men, plain designer boxers and white vests remain fashionable. White vests and sweatpants are still appropriate beach clothes. Hot pants and push up bras are also appropriate inner wears for ladies this year. Paddle pushers and arm shows will also remain viable. Hip-stars will however keep on disappearing as they did last year since their season is already out.

Just like always, black and brown men shoes are still the universal official shoes for men this year. Black, brown and dirk suits are still as fashionable as ever. If you like hiking and outdoor events, you can till use your jeans and t-shirts. Just look for tighter t-shirts and pencil jeans. Men’s t-shirts this year will bring out their shape and completely expose their muscles. If you have a tight silver t-shirt on your wardrobe, it’s time to bring it out.

Lace up shoes found their way in to the market later last year and are still a popular fashion trend 2014. Ladies can pair these manly shoes with flirty dresses and skirts anytime. The Bermudas come in again as a new fashion this year.



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