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The internet has placed the world at our fingertips and it is high time that we learn to utilize this power given to us, to the fullest. In the age where everything is automated over the internet, it is hard to sustain one’s business without the support of a properly planned out and attractive website. The websites just make everything so easy to understand and yet is so inexpensive a medium to market one’s products and services.
People spend more time over the internet than they spend sleeping, fact ! With this trend of online business gaining importance over the years, it is becoming increasingly important to design an attractive, informational website that in spite of all the complex functionality embedded in, is yet very simple to use and understand. With so much crowd over the internet, only a well-designed website is ought to get noticed, while the others remain shadowed and lost in the crowd.
This is where, the article comes to your rescue! Be it for business, leisure, functions or some special cause, this is your shot at finding the most appropriate tool for creating your website (unless, you decide to pay unnecessarily for having it done by some professional! ). The article acquaints you with the best website software tools that would help you create an amazing and impressive website.

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1.      WordPress: There is no open source software really as famous and effective as the WordPress. Over the years, its simple, yet engrossing style and features has won millions of customers for the people who chose for a WordPress website. With this software you can literally create pages and launch your website in few minutes.
2.      Plone: This is an amazing and equally powerful website builder. Though not as famous as WordPress, the Plone has tools and features that give your website a really sophisticated yet friendly interface. The Plone is best known for its amazing custom tools, its effortless updates and excellent indexing and searching options.
3.      Drupal: This is the future website builder that is what I consider it to be. With Drupal CMS and flexibility entitled to its usage, this is absolutely a techie’s delight at software building exercise. One can start with the simple features that it provides and slowly march towards more sophisticated features in its interface. This software will let you grow and learn the art of website designing step by step.
4.      BlueGriffon: This is a software or interface that lets you create website with simple drag and drop features, but apart from that it also embeds many intricate editing options and tools like the SVG editor, form editing tool and also it has CSS support for your website.
5.      FireBug: This is one software that a designer needs only after he has created the first prototype of his website. The software comes in, as an extension of FireFox browser and lets you find the real time appearance of the website and edit features accordingly, relating to the position of titles, images and other display properties of the website with real time correction facility. This is like the spell-check feature of website building!
6.      BlueFish Editor: This is a designer’s delight for coding, it includes plenty of design options and website building tools that will enhance the view and quality of your website. This is a great software to work with and learn the website building strategies with every single step that you take.
7.      Adobe Creative Cloud: There are hardly any websites that will miss an Adobe feature or service. Web designers of all levels, whether beginner or pro have found this software amazing to work with and learn powerful uses of the web from.



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