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With the computers and the internet taking control of every aspect of our lives, storage has become the only factor that stops us from unlimited utility of the internet. Today, with all work and entertainment being broadcast and delivered through the internet, it has become utmost necessary to have an unlimited storage space available where we can store everything we want. While physical storage is still relatively costly, we have at our disposal the new blessing of technology called cloud. With cloud, we can have unlimited storage space online and store our stuff there and share it with people with much ease.

While many players have entered the market to provide storage space for our requirements, there are only few that pioneer the service and whom we can trust. This article is aimed at guiding you about the best cloud storage services, the ones that suit your budget and suffice your storage needs. Following are the best options for obtaining online storage space for your work and personal stuff.

1. Google Drive: A very new competitor in the market, but yet making it to the top contenders list is Google drive. It is one of the favorites among the users, as it has combined the features of Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Drawings. So, with Google Drive one can, not only store data with ease, but also use the most used tools of Google for their daily needs.

2. Dropbox: One of the first online storage providers, Dropbox truly deserves a mention in the list for the service it has provided to people over the years. Dropbox became the hot favorite for cloud storage because of their ability to support every OS and also the mobile support that it provided for smartphones. It is still amongst the best choices that one can make for online cloud storage.

Cloud Computing Concept

3. SkyDrive: The seamless integration of SkyDrive to Windows 8 platform and all other products of Microsoft has revived its status as a pioneer Cloud storage provider. Earlier SkyDrive used to be clunky and difficult to use, but now it has become as lucid and fast as the Windows 8 platform. You can upload files and docs from MS Office to SkyDrive effortlessly these days!

4. SugarSync: One of the oldest players in the Cloud business, SugarSync has a rich set of features available apart from normal storage provision. It gives you dozens of syncing options, to your desktop, server and phone. It is the best online storage, if you are looking for Sync and backup primarily.

I hope these references to the best online storage services, helps you choose the one that best suits your need. Having loads of Physical storage on hard disk is a thing of the past, use online storage and store what you need at a much cheaper cost. Online storage is fast, easy and cheap, so switch your data to cloud and save time, money and space!


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