Google Nexus 5 Review


Google Nexus 5 is manufactured by LG. They’ve put in a 4.95 inch full HD IPS display on the front which is simply gorgeous. The design of the Nexus 5 has changed since the Nexus 4, it’s no longer glossy, it has a matte finish, which makes it easier to grip. What I also like that Google and LG have done is that they’ve made the volume buttons, the power buttons and the Nexus logo out of ceramic. They’ve also managed to put in an 8 megapixel camera, which this time lets in 56 percent more light than the Nexus 4. Keeping the Nexus 5 running is a very powerful quad-core Snapdragon processor. They also managed to put in wireless charging into an 8.59 millimeter frame, which makes it really convenient to charge.

They also added in the latest versions of NSC and Bluetooth and to top it all off this time the Nexus 5 supports 4G. This will come as no surprise, but the Nexus 5 is running the latest version of Android which is 4.4 Kit Kat. In my brief time in using the Nexus 5 there’s a couple of things that have stood out at me. Everything is a little bit more bold and the icons are bigger and easier to use. Whenever you add a app or widget to the home screen it will add another page and that just means that you can customize as many pages as you want or as little as you want.

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

They’ve also made SMS and Google Hangouts easier. They’ve combined them into one application, which means you can do all of your SMS , video, audio and chats in one place. And the last thing that really stands out is that Google has managed to integrate Google Now experience much more. You can set up Google Now and with one swipe to the right all of your cards with information such as transport, weather, calendar events are all available easily with one swipe. LG’s amazing hardware and the fact that you are always the first to get the lastest Android updates makes this an amazing smartphone.


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