Lifestyle during your pregnancy


Now that you’re pregnant you will have to adjust your lifestyle and maybe you’re wondering how many things will change.
Your main concern is your baby’s health and you better make your best friend to quit smoking around you since you want to keep a healthy surrounding for yourself.
many times being pregnant does not mean you have to stop exercising,just do it in a moderate way.many doctors encourage  future moms with normal pregnancies to continue their exercising routines.

Another thing that concerns future moms is the amount of coffee they will be able to consume but just drinking one cup a day will not harm you at all.

Heavy alcohol consumption must be avoided at all costs . babies are born with bad demonstrations and many do not survive much time after being born and the ones that survive have all kinds of health problems and its very common for them to become alcohol addicts.

If you smoke please try conventional ways to quit,the use of patches and gum is really risky.Cocaine and other drugs have negative effects in the brain of your child since many studies have shown that cocaine penetrates your baby’s blood.

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Pets like cats ate the worst enemy a future mother can have so take your cat to the vet to check for infections and let another person carry the cat.

are you allowed to travel during pregnancy ?

Air travel after the eighth month of pregnancy should be allowed by your doctor and pregnant woman should walk at least every two hours in long flights.
Never in the last weeks of pregnancy (after 35 weeks) travel by plane specially international flights .

Among other things you have to worry about is depression during your pregnancy,the most common symptoms is that you feel sad and empty and this includes nightmares at nighttime.if this and more symptoms last more than a week go see your doctor and also Before taking any medication or injections consult your doctor .


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