Juicer Buying Guide and Tips


People are conscious about weight and diet to maintain their health. Body is prone to many diseases due to lack of nutrition. Raw fruits and vegetables are the natural sources of nutrition. It is very easy to consume the nutrition in the form of juice to benefit the body in numerous ways. Instead of investing for the supplements it is better to put the money on best juicer to get health and avoid burning the pocket too. There are many brands of juicers in the market with many features. Juicers which are not much expensive may heat the juice to destroy the nutrition in it. It is better to investigate before purchasing a juicer.

Types Of Juices
There are many points to be seen before considering a brand of juicer for purchasing. The juicer should be easy for cleaning, noise level has to be low, process of juicing should be fast, able to juice many produces and the warrantee for the juicer should be lengthy. The types of juicers are plenty like the centrifugal juicers, centrifugal election juicers, masticating juicers, manual press juicers, single augur juicers, dual stage single auger juicers and twin gear press. Centrifugal juicer is considered to be the best one.

Nutrient Juice From Juicers
Internet gives a lot of information of juicers in the market. There are advertisements to know about the features of the juicer. The customer reviews are the best juicer buying guides to know about the quality of the juicer and their personal experiences using the juicer. Investing on the centrifugal juicer is worth its cost. The hard fruits and vegetables are easy to chop and take out the extract in the juicer. The pulp is strained and juice got is full of vitamins to nourish the body. Fruits have soft cell wall and vegetables have tough cell walls, so the juicer has to suit for both of them. Instead of canned juices the fresh juices retains its original color and nutrients.

Accessories With Juicer
Each person has their own requirements of juicing and thus they can go through the specifications in the website to know more about the features. Bella nutripro cold press juicer has processing bowl, juice strainer, auger, lid and hopper, two handled collectors, food pusher and a brush for cleaning. The user gets a manual with the juicer with a recipe booklet. The drinking cup with a lid is an extra complement to the user. The wheel of juices will help the user to choose the type of juice according to the nutrients and types of flavor.

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Best Nutrients By Masticating
Bella nutripro cold press juicer will get out maximum juice with its best nutrients. This is good for wellness and optimal health. Fruits and vegetables with its best nutrients will be squeezed to get the same to help the consumer in maintaining health. The two stage pressing technology here is a mastication process. The fruit or the vegetable is crushed first and compressed to squeeze the juice. The blades are not used to crush or mash the ingredients. As the blades are not used the oxidation is reduced.
Uses Of Nutrient Juice
Bella nutripro cold press juicer does not produce heat and thus the valuable enzymes and nutrients are retained. The body which needs more enzymes for healing and health of the body will get more from this juicer. Digestion is improved by the enzymes and gives a glare to the skin. The body will get more energy and immunity for fighting diseases. As there are no blades there is no loud noise is generated from the juicer. The juicer takes very less time for producing the juice. It is a well constructed and gives best performance. The quality of juice is best with more quantity also.

Price Of Juicers
There are many masticating juicers which range from $300 to $380. Bella nutripro cold press juicer is basically vertical masticating juicer. The price of this juicer is about $250. It has a power rating of 150 watts and runs on 90 rpm. The juicer can be purchased from website of Bella. There are options of paying the price through monthly installments. There are many websites which sell the juicers for comparatively lesser rates with discounts and offers. It is better to browse the website for better offers on juicers.

This juice buying guide will be useful for the people who are health conscious and who like to try to change over to juices for their diet.


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