Space saving tips for small apartments


With the realty rates soaring higher and higher with every passing day, most middle class families can now no longer afford a nice sprawling home for themselves, rather settling for small, restricted ones and blaming their crunched pockets for the shattering of their dreams. But a small house doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make a dream house out of it! With a few intelligent choices and some useful tips from expert home designers, you can now transform your small den into a moderate studio, just by using some very easy space saving techniques that suit your budget and also open up new possibilities for decorating your apartment, just the way you had always dream of. Here in this article, we shall be discussing with you, some of those valuable solutions and tips on how you can save space in your apartment and make it look bigger; so read carefully and make sure you that make the most out of it!

First and foremost you have be very careful while choosing colors for your apartment. Darker tones like Red or Purple, definitely look much richer and elegant, however they block the free flow of light and create an enclosed feeling, automatically creating an impression of being in a small place. Brighter yet lighter shades like White, Peach, Yellow, etc help flood in light and create a sense of ‘open’ and ‘big’. Once you have picked the right color for your walls, the next step is to see how you can decorate the rooms, saving the maximum possible place, without making your apartment look empty!

Starting with the living room, you need to first eliminate the things that take up the most space, and this most definitely means the big and heavy wall to wall cabinets or bookshelves that though allow you better organization, do take up a lot of space. Instead, we suggest you make as much use of the hanging space as possible! To do so, you need to pick lighter pieces of furniture, perhaps something like a self storage unit or a freestanding shelf, that’s open on both ends and doesn’t take too much space either. You can also mount the television on the wall instead of placing it on some shelf and compromising on living space. Using an ottoman or a chest that can double up as a coffee table is also a great way to save space.For the papers and magazines, take small but cute basket and place it next to your favorite chair, it would definitely save space and also give your living room a tidier feel!

You can also use the same technique in the kitchen and allow your pots and pans to hang from the ceilings, using hooks and stands, rather than shoving them into the cabinets and blocking some extra space. You might also get yourself one of those wall to wall cabinets for the storage or pantry, where you can keep all the kitchen essentials you want, without really cluttering the kitchen! But make sure you have a window in the kitchen that allows air and light to flow in and does away with the constricted feel!

home interior with fireplace and sofas 3d rendering
Like most people do, making a box bed, with ample space under the bed to store the bedroom essentials like linens, blankets,pillows, etc can also help in saving a lot of bedroom space. Also try to keep your closet as organized as possible and eliminate all the things you do not need, as both these things are proven to clutter extra space and make the room appear smaller.

Apart from these things, you can also try to save some space by creating shelves over doorways and using them to store decorative , use intelligent lighting using additional light fixtures that would create some more light in the apartment creating the illusion of a bigger space. Also doubling the hallway as a mini library, and carving shelves out of wall studs are smart ways for space optimization and help create a lot of space for you to innovate and experiment with your apartment decor!

Keeping in mind the growing demands of modern homeowners, many stores have come up with their whole new range of space saving furniture, having a look at which, can help you get whole new ideas about how to create some extra space. So hurry and visit these stores to get some exceptional tips on how to make your small apartment look like a big studio, with the least investment possible!


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