5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear


Different people have different fears in life. What is more interesting is the fact that even the most courageous people we know have a fear of their own.

The bottom line of the matter is that everyone faces a fear in life but the difference is how we handle our fear. In fact, some of the great names and legends that we know about consist of people who took on the challenge and overcome their respective fears.


Facing your fears is no mean feat. What kills most of us socially and emotionally is the unwillingness to face our fears. In other words we become captives of our own negativity. It is time that we came out of our cocoons and comfort zones and take the bull by its horns. It is time to be free from any fear that may be holding us back from achieving our destiny. The good news is that conquering fear does not have to be hard anymore. There are a few tips that can help you overcome your fear. Some of these tips are listed below.


  1. Identify and accept your fears. It is very important that you identify your specific fears. This is a logical step since you cannot overcome something that you do not actually know. If you have problems identifying what you really afraid of, you can carry out a simple analysis. The analysis involves identifying your life goals and pin pointing what prevents you from achieving them. Whatever hinders you from achieving your goals can be termed as a fear. Acceptance is the next stepping stone towards conquering the identified fear. Denial will only grow the fear and make the situation worse.
  2. Gain control of your own imagination. Fear or phobia is a creation of the mind and as such combating it will always be a battle of the mind. Imagination of a great future is possibly coupled with uncertainties and the thought of the worst case scenarios. Though imagining about events of the future is a noble thought, we should try to avoid negative thoughts that come along. Having a positive mindset and vision is the first step towards overcoming your fears. Fear of the unknown can be neglected by always having happy and positive imaginations. Take control of your imagination and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  3. Discuss your fears with a colleague, friend or a loved one. Identifying and accepting your fears is not enough. You have to share the fear with a loved one or a friend to get the load off your shoulders. Keeping the problem bottled deep inside put unnecessary pressure on you which may result to frustration. Sharing ensures that you have support from friends and family and that you have well motivated to overcome the fear.
  4. Have a plan on how to conquer the fears. Sometimes we fail in our conquest to fight fear due to poor planning or lack of it thereof. A well thought out plan of action ensures that you deal with the fear issues as they arise. A plan will constitute the strategies that you going to employ in the fight against fear. For this matter having a plan gives you the upper hand in your conquest. And as the adage goes, Failing to plan is planning to fail’ you should have a definite plan.
  5. Face your fear head on. Sometimes planning, sharing with a friend or even accepting your fear is just not enough. You simply have to take to take the plunge and take the fear by its horns. Many have attested to this being among the most effective measures of dealing with fear. Face your fear with zeal and motivation and sure enough success will follow.

Conquering fear goes a long way in the attainment of life goals. The decision to face our fears is something that we should all embrace. Anyway what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!



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