How to Start a Small Catering Business ?


Does the idea of catering always attract you? Do you often host dinner parties and take care of the tastes of your friends? Do you have entrepreneurial skills? If yes, you can utilize your skills to your advantage. You can successfully start a low overhead business and gradually expand it once you have more clients.

If you are looking forward to start your catering business, we have compiled a few steps for you, following which you can easily succeed in your catering business. Businesses often do best when they take birth out of passion and commitment, if catering is what interests you, you should take it to the next level. To start with, provide only a particular type of food and let your catering business take off.


If you love experimenting with confectioneries, you may go for the ‘desserts only’ catering. This although restricts your clientele, is a great way to start! You are just required to assemble a few set of equipments initially.

Lunch or dinner type food

If you are good at making salads and tarts, and the foodies in your area often enjoy your recipes during lunch or dinnertime, you can venture into it. You can look forward to cater the lunch and dinner needs of schools, ceremonies, offices and other such places.

Have the estimate

Once you have decided your catering arena, you are required to finalize your budget. Have an estimate of the kitchen area that you should have. Collect the appliances and equipments required.


Try to cater to many tastes within a single menu.

Create menus, which are easily manageable by you. Include only those food items you are comfortable cooking.

Once everything is decided, throw a dinner party to test the success of your business and to know the amendments required if any. Ask your friends to taste all the items and give you honest feedback.

You can alternatively start your own cafeteria or restaurant. Start with a small area. You may probably pick up one on rent.

You can start with commercial kitchens. There are provisions available, which will grant you access to kitchen for a few hours or days within a month. This method is good to build your fan following.

When this goes fine and you have received plenty of feedback, you can then choose to have your own kitchen. You may either take the place on rent or buy it.

Kitchen should be customized according to your needs and the crowd you are catering to. It should have sufficient number of kitchen compartments to facilitate large crowds as well. All the necessary utensils should be collected beforehand.

Next, you need to purchase the catering equipment with which you will cater to the onsite orders. You may choose to have silverware, glassware or disposable utensils.

You may even have a label of your catering business on the utensils to display professionalism and create a brand.

Once all this goes well and you are making good profits out of it, it is the time to get your business registered according to the law. Collect all the necessary documents and have the permit and licenses.


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