How to Get Rid of Shoulder Ache With Exercise


Body: One of the common health problems which all of us generally face is shoulder ache. This problem arises mostly to those people who follows repetitive motion of shoulders or even spend a long time while working on the desk. To get rid of such problems in life it is important for every individual to follow some exercises or techniques to stay fit and healthy and free from the worst situation like shoulder ache. Another important reason for shoulder ache can be Arthritis and infections. So it’s time to learn How to Get Rid of Shoulder Ache

Exercises for shoulder ache :

Know How to Get Rid of Shoulder Ache by reading details about the below exercises and advises

Front raise technique:
Go for shoulder exercise with front raise technique. Make use of a stretchy resistance band and try to stretch your should upside above from waist line. Keep your arm completely stiff this will create pressure on your shoulder. Hold it for at least 10 seconds and then in slow process take your hands back in leg position. Flow this process for a minimum of 15 times.


Side raise technique :
Go for shoulder exercise with side raise technique. In similar fashion in this exercise too you need to use stretchy resistance band. The resistant band needs to have enough strength to support and create tension on your shoulders. Make your arms stiff and then stretch your shoulders sideways up from the waist line. Make your shoulder parallel to the floor and should not reach close to your ears. Keep in pause position for about a minute or so in this point and then slow down and get your hands back in position of the legs. Repeat this process for at least 15 times.


Back raise technique :
Go for shoulder exercise with back raise technique. This is one more technique which can give you relaxation from shoulder ache on a definite note. Almost all the steps of the previous process will match with this step. The only difference is that here you need to make your arms stiff and take it in backward raise position from your waist line. You will start feeling the tension on your shoulders. Don’t try to extend it further if your shoulder joint is not allowing you. Hold it stiff for a minute or so and then slowly get back to the point of start near to your legs. Repeat this process for at least 15 times.

Rotation in cross wise manner:
It’s time now to go for the body rotation in cross wise manner. This time you need to use stretchy resistance band of thicker width. Here you need to do the cross body rotation keeping your elbow in 90 angle and the upper part of the arm should be in flat resting position against the torso. Don’t raise your shoulder above the level of your ear. The rotation need to take place on the shoulder and rest all other movements during this exercise should origin with the support of lower arm. You need to pause for at least a second after reaching the farthest point and after that in slow manner get your hands back in position. You need to repeat it for at least not less than 15 times.

Feel your body:
It’s really very important to feel the emotion of your body while doing exercise. If at any point while doing the above mentioned exercises you feel that you body is hurt some where then it is advisable to stop the exercise process on immediate basis or it may end with a fatal. We will insist you to consult your doctor at this point of time so that things don’t worsen at any cost.

The above mentioned steps and advises will definitely help you out in reducing the shoulder pain and will give you knowledge on How to Get Rid of Shoulder Ache.

Notice : this not a expert or doctor medical advice .


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