Leather or silicone or Aluminum Iphone 5 case covers


Leather and silicone iPhone 5 case covers have become extremely popular as it retains the slim look of the phone along with providing a good grip of the device. These cases are available in different styles and colors. While a silicon case gives a more modern and contemporary look, leather cases are more for people who prefer the rugged look.


Plastic cases sever the purpose of keeping your phone away from damages and are made from polished polycarbonate. They keep the phone looking new for a longer time and for this reason has been the most popular iPhone 5 case among many customers. They are also available in many colors from dull shades to nice bright and vibrant colors.
Aluminum cases


Aluminum cases are best used to keep your phone from obtaining scratches. The biggest plus point of this type of cases is that it is very light and easy to carry around. They also have belts that make it easy to hook on to your trousers so that it’s easier to carry around the phone. These cases are also available in many shades with black, purple, grey and pink being the most popular and easily available colors among the rest.



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