Amazing Revolutionary Solution For Clots in Every Vessel


In United state about 1 million people experience heart attacks annually. 375,000 of these, are caused by huge blood clots in the coronary vessels. 200,000 other patients suffer from blood clots in their peripheral arteries. Such clots can be eliminated through a process known as Thrombectomy.

Clot removal through Thrombectomy from the blood vessels has several advantages. These include, increased life span, salvage of tissue and preventing other infections and diseases from occurring. However, there are shortcomings of Thrombectomy from the current devices being used in hospitals. The major disadvantage these machines pose is that, they often leave 30% to 50% of the clot as residue. Therefore, one requires several procedures to get rid of a big clot since they do not completely remove it. They also put patients at high risk because during Thrombectomy there is fragmentation of the blood clot. This is known as Distal Embolization. This is harmful because it reduces blood flow, causes tissue death and also death.

Advances in technology have brought about the MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System. It is composed of four devices. These offer solutions to the limitations of existing machines. The MegaVac is effective since it completely removes blood clots in arteries, protects against distal embolization, acts as an anchor to other devices and carries out efficient Thrombectomy rapidly.

MegaVac Thrombectomy System works by positioning its catheter near the arterial clot. The funnel mouth at the tip of the catheter is then released. Blood pressure leads to the expansion of the funnel mouth, preventing blood flow. It blocks blood flow using its silicon elastomer therefore reducing the chances of Distal Embolization. The expansion of the funnel mouth against the arterial walls together with the blood pressure anchor the catheter firmly. The Thrombo wire is then inserted through the catheter, passed through the blood clot and deployed. The wire is then retracted in the process pushing the blood clot into the funnel mouth, which is passed to the catheter. After its complete removal, suction is stopped and the other devices, including the funnel mouth removed. This restores blood flow.
MegaVac is easier to use, effective and safe. It guarantees saving more patients’ lives.


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