3 Tips To Save an iPad From Water Damage


In this day and age it is almost impossible to live without a mobile phone. Come to think of it this gadget makes life fun and much easier. Technology has brought about various devices of communication to suit everyone’s budget and preference.

For example an I pad though expensive it is a must have and so in reserve it is proper to take good care of it. As much as you can do anything to protect your device accidents are inevitable. There is a wrong perception that when a phone falls in water it can’t work again, this is not true because the deterring factor is the IOS so there is still some hope after your home sinks into water.

Here are guidelines to follow to salvage your phone:


The one thing that you should never do when your phone is water damaged is to switch it on because this will damage the electronics inside so the first action you should take is to lock your phone and shut it off, it is also advisable to remove each and every part you can as this will make drying the water easier. Then shake your phone off as hard and as much as you can this will help clear the visible water.You can also blow dry your device basically do everything in your power to regain it but don’t try charging it.


A number people say that dipping the phone in dry rice actually contributes in its recovery, so this is how you go about it, find a bag with a Zip put rice that will actually bury your iPad then make sure you properly cover it until it can be seen. Leave it there for some days. It is advisable to avoid dusty rice. There also other alternatives to this method such as placing the phone on your TV for a few days. After waiting for this period try charging your phone then turning it on and if it works then congratulations, if it doesn’t go ahead with the following step.


If you are not confident with the above method or if you tried it and it never worked, then it is time to search for the best company that specializes with repairing water damaged phones, you could do these through searching on the website or by asking your friends and relatives who may have had similar experiences for references.Dont lose hope on your iPad until you have tried everything to save it.


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