3 Tips to Become a Better Singer


Some talents are inborn while some talents can be nurtured. However, singing is one capability which cannot be demarcated so easily. While a girl is born with a good voice, she has to train herself to master the talent.

More often than not you will find singers who do not have formal training getting selected for the shows, this happens because their voice quality is very soothing however when they are matched with the trained voices they are certainly at loss.

Breathing is the most important thing that needs to be controlled when it comes down to singing. One must sing from both nose and the mouth. It may sound a little difficult but you may not this that, we often tend to breathe with both our nose and mouth without realizing. Deep breathing is also very important. When you take deep breaths, do not cram it up at the top of your lungs, let it go deeper in to the lungs and make room for more air.

Your lungs might not feel full but that just means you are experiencing less tension. Practice taking deep breaths and holding the s sound and f sound for some time ranging from about 5-10 seconds. The control you have over this, the more it will help you with singing big lines and words in a single breath and evenly.
Singing high notes is yet another difficult thing about singing. People usually get nervous about singing high notes and end up gasping for air and choke on the note even before you let it out. Try putting a little extra tension in to your core muscles and let your jaw drop wide, this will help you overcome your problem with high notes eventually.

Try humming the notes before you sing them if you find them difficult. This keeps you from forcing too much air out and helps you to maintain proper balance. Five-note and eight-note scales up and down are the most popular. Ideally, while singing, you shouldn’t feel hurt or stuck. In case you are, you are definitely not doing it right. You are either putting too much strain on your throat or forcing air too hard through the vocal cords. Only practice can help you with this. With time, you will grow to become a good singer.

What you need to know is you can absolutely improve your vocal range, your volume and get your perfect pitch. With some simple guidance from a professional singing coach. Whether online or in person, a singing coach with credibility and experience knows all the ins and outs related to developing your singing voice. There are many situations in which he/she will be able to point out that one small mistake you normally make which prevents you getting correct pitch. They will also correct your techniques with simple trick of mind.

Regardless of how old you are or how long you’ve been practicing, a good singing course by a well-known professional coach can make the difference between being an extraordinary vocalist, or just an average karaoke bar singer.


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