5 Top Food Poisoning Symptoms


Food poisoning is a disorder that occurs after one has consumed foods containing toxins such as bacteria, parasites and virus. Food poisoning symptoms are experienced within a duration of one hour to thirty days depending on the type of bacteria or toxins that was ingested.


The major cause food poisoning being the presence of bacteria in the food can easily be stopped by various ways including; proper storage of food preferably in covered containers and in a refrigerator, cooking and re-heating of food up to the required temperature levels,use of clean utensils among others.

Proper food hygiene is the remedy to food poisoning. Food poisoning is characterized by numerous signs and symptoms that everyone ought to understand so as to be in a position to take care of a person suffering from the same.

This article describes the top five symptoms of food poisoning:


1. Cramping and pain in the stomach

Oftentimes, abdominal pain is experienced as the first symptom and as indication that there is an interference in the digestion process. If any of the toxic substance is ingested, it will definitely have a negative effect in the digestion system that could result to stomach cramps. Furthermore, some of the substances are harmful and may release toxins that would burn the stomach lining and end up causing pain.

2. Diarrhea

Human body is made with the ability to fight and remove any unwanted materials out of it. After one has ingested food containing toxic substances, the body begins to eliminate the substances and as a result, diarrhea occurs. This symptom is dangerous as it can lead to dehydration. A patient with diarrhea is advised to take adequate amount of water and seek medical advice.

3. Vomiting

Vomiting also occur as the body is trying to get rid of the harmful substances. Some of the substances that cause food poisoning are not digestible and the only way the body can eliminate them is through vomiting.

4. Weak body

Another symptom of food poisoning is lack of energy. When one is vomiting, the body ends up using excess energy and as a results it becomes weak. Loss of water when one diarrhea also causes the body to become weak.

5. Loss of appetite

This symptom occurs when the digestion system is not functioning normally. At this point the stomach feels full and one feels no need for food. Nausea or that feeling of being sick also causes one not to have desire for food.

In conclusion, food poisoning symptoms may not last for long and in most cases the body gets over it within a short period of time. However, it is very important to go for a medical check up in case one experiences diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite or the body becomes weak. This is so because the doctor is able to determine the cause of the symptoms and give the right medication in due time before further complications are experienced. Moreover, some food poisoning causes may be dangerous and must be treated immediately before extreme symptoms occur as some of them are likely to cause death.


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