How to Avoid Fake Beggars


Real and fake beggars are found around the world, and they adore focusing on travelers who regularly have a big heart and give them money.



Most people give money to beggars without knowing the real and the fake one. Occasionally, it can be very hard for someone to identify who is real and fake. The money received by fake homeless people can be spent on alcohol or drugs, and end up financing organized crime. As a result, they increase insecurity in a community. It can be very challenging to avoid fake homeless people, especially for kind heart tourists, but this article will exclusively explore on how to avoid fake beggars.

On cold autumn days, there is a high chance of meeting beggars in need of some cash to buy a cup of coffee or buy food. In this case, one can drop a few coins to the beggar without knowing some of them are very healthy people. To avoid fake beggars, someone should stop helping them in the form of cash. Most of them are just in need of the money to use it for other things that are not important in their life. However, if they say they need money for food, give them food and If it is water, give them water and not money.

Sometimes, it can be very hard to pass on the streets since beggars are just there waiting for people to drop some coins. They even follow someone to ensure they are giving some money. Fake beggars will always come up with a story to trick someone. However, if a fake homeless man narrates a story with a trick of getting some cash, someone can avoid him by saying the same story was used yesterday and he needs to change the story. If he is a fake beggar, he will think it is true and go away.


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