Top 3 Iconic Michael Jackson Dance Moves


Do you want to learn Michael Jackson dance moves? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Michael Jackson is one the best dancers in the history of music and dance.






His creativity as well as performance makes him worth remembrance. His moves have inspired a generation of musicians from all over the globe. Fortunately, you can use his videos and guidelines provided by our website to dance to his hit songs. In the discussion below, we have outlined top 3 iconic Michael Jackson dance moves.

1. Moonwalk

You should put on socks or softy soled shoes on uncarpeted smooth floor in order to perform the following steps.

• Stand while ensuring that you are on the ball of your left foot with your heel raised and the right foot flat on the floor. Remember to place your left foot several inches behind your right foot. In addition, most of your weight should be on the left foot.

• Slide the right foot backwards while keeping it relatively flat on the smooth or uncarpeted floor

• Slowly lower your left foot’s heel and raise the right foot’s heel so that you stand on the ball of the same foot. With most of your weight on the right foot this time, slide the left foot backwards while keeping it relatively flat on the smooth floor

• Repeat the moves as your glide over the floor. With adequate practice, you will not take years to become a pro like the late Michael Jackson

2. The circle slide

The circle slide is yet another great dance moved associated with Michael.

• Stand on the ball of your right foot while raising its heel and the left foot on the floor. Ensure that most of your weight is on the right foot.

• Slide the left foot backwards while keeping it on the floor

• Shift the weight to the heels and lift the toes off the uncarpeted floor. With the pivoted left foot, lower the toes in order to have your feet on the floor

• Lift your right foot’s heel and pivot to the left side of the same foot

• Repeat the steps


3. The hip thrust

Hip thrust is an amazing move that you can performance to commemorate the life of MJ.

• Bend both knees and then stand with one foot placed ahead of the other

• Move your hips backwards and then thrust the pelvis forwards and backwards

• Repeat the steps for some weeks so that you improve on your skills and flexibility


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