Best Ways Raising Your Child to Have Good Manners


For a child to grow up satisfied with their achievements and competence as well as their ambitions, you must establish a strong support as a parent.







Raising a child requires happiness, love and encouragement to give them the confidence to pursue their dreams. The fundamental techniques of raising a child include:

  • Contributing to the progress and growth of your child’s special skills
  • Expressing approval of your child’s efforts
  • Showing regard for your child’s learning styles
  • Reading stories for your child
  • Hugging your child quite often ensuring enough bed time for your child.

These make it easy for your child to trust and master every single lesson they learn from you.



It is every parent’s desire to bring up a polite child with kindness and considerate to others. The following are the basic guidelines that you can use in raising a child to have good manners:

  • Observe respect – teach your child to respect other people. Make them sensitive by stressing the importance of treating others the same way they would like to be treated.
  • Polite words – from a tender age, let your child learn that “thank you” and “please” make other people feel good about helping.
  • Be role model – address your child politely as you would do to an adult. This enables your child to appreciate the importance of polite talk.
  • Correct courteously – try to show your child that you correct because you care and not because you are mad at them. Politeness shows that you value your child and you want them to learn from their mistake.
  • Kindness – teach your child the virtue of having a tender and helpful nature. You can as well help them to learn being tolerant and forgiving.



Yet good manners begin at home, the knowledge acquired through learning in school play a vital role in raising a child to have good manners. It is guided by their practical experience among classmates, staff and teachers.



All in all, parents have a greater responsibility to mould the social deportment of their children. They should always take time with their children to focus on etiquette.



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