3 Reasons Women Talking Behind Someone’s Back


Most people would define talking behind somebody’s back as gossiping. Both men and women love to hear gossip about other people or their friends probably, but women are more vulnerable and tend to be more obsessive about gossip about other women.

Gossip exists in every culture around the world. It was common even in history. People of all ages, gossip, men and women alike.

Men have a tendency of gossiping more when they are with their associates, while women gossip equally with both their partners and their friends.Gossip, for women usually has three motivations. They include:

1. The fact that you want to look as though you are more knowledgeable than your friends about an issue and especially one that relates to the person you are talking about.
2. One wants others (her listeners) to join her. For example, one would talk behind a friend’s back and tell her listeners that she was treated wrong by the person, and they should hence not be her friends.
3. The woman wants to put others beneath herself. They feel superior and want others to view her like that.

Different women talk behind somebody’s back for various reasons. The important factor is the intention of the gossip. This simply means what the woman wants to achieve by talking behind somebody’s back.

The following are some of the reasons why women gossip:

1. Women will tend to talk about their friends because women friendships are characterized by silence. Women, unlike men, don’t talk to each other. They hence end up talking about each with other friends.
2. Most women have not developed a solid sense of integrity. They don’t have so much to talk about regarding feelings, ideas, and dreams and as a result, they talk more about what is not important and sometimes, what they don’t even know.
3. Gossip helps one feel less empty. People who usually gossip feel small about themselves and want to talk about others.

Gossip can be positive or negative.

Talking behind somebody’s back means that you are doing it without them being aware of your deeds. Some people love to talk about their friends achievements. This can be termed as positive gossip. The differentiating factor is always the intention. If one talks behind someone’s back so that they feel superior about themselves, or so that they bring the person down by making them appear evil, then that is negative gossip that should be avoided.


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