5 Signs You’re Wearing Too Much Makeup


At one point in time, makeup belonged to those in the stage and galleries of theaters. However, revolutionary women introduced it to common women from all walks of life.


Makeup enhances the appearance of the human body and makes it look stunning hence has become an integral part of women’s everyday life. From lip glosses, kohl to tinted powders, women use these makeups to accentuate their strength as well as hide their flaws.

The use of makeup requires proper understanding and use of good techniques to yield the desired result. How and how much we use is what determines the nature of the final appearance. If used with the right techniques and in the right content, makeup can add beauty and an amazing look. However, if used with the wrong techniques or wrong amount, it has bad results on appearance and health as well. Sometimes women are tempted to apply too much makeup, for instance on a big occasion such as a date or performance. The signs that you are wearing too much makeup are not that hard to spot but many are the times when you just refuse to acknowledge. Therefore, some of the main signs that you are wearing too much makeup include:


1. You can feel your foundation

Being able to feel your foundation is not a good thing. If you touch your face a few minutes after you have applied some makeup and your fingers feel sticky or come back covered in paint, then you are wearing too much makeup.


2. The color of your face is different from that of your neck

Looking beautiful involves blending everything super well such that your skin matches. You do not want to have a face with a different color from your neck because this is a direct sign that you are wearing too much makeup.


3. Lipstick frames outside of your lips

This is one that many women are often guilty of on a number of times. Every woman takes a look on her mirror before leaving the house and also time to time when applying makeup. Therefore, if you note that your lipstick frames outside of your lips then you are wearing too much and so you should definitely scale it back.


4. Spider Eyelashes

Big bold eyelashes are beautiful and dazzling. However, if your eyelashes begin sticking out at awkward angles and clumping together, this is a sign that you are putting on too much mascara. Therefore you need to reduce the mascara so you don’t have your lashes looking like sticky webs or jagged spider legs.


5. Everything is Accentuated

If you take a look in the mirror and you notice that everything from your eyes, lips, cheeks, all stand out, then you are wearing too much makeup. It is always advisable that when you wear makeup, try to accentuate one feature at a time, such that you look much more natural.

Makeup can add beauty to your appearance or make you look like a clown. This depends on how good you wear the makeup; not too little and not too much as well as using the right products and techniques. Therefore, wear just enough makeup which is not too much maintains your natural appearance while also covering your flaws and accentuating your features.


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