3 Reasons Processed Meat is Bad For You


The benefits of natural and good quality foods are well known by nutritionists and an increasingly health conscious public. Processed meat is considered one of the least nutritional foods and puts consumers at risk of health related problems.


Here are three reasons why processed meat is bad for you and ways that you can replace unhealthy processed foods with better ones.

1. High in Salt

There is a very large amount of sodium in most processed meats. Large amounts of sodium levels have been known to cause high blood pressure and can affect the amount of fluid that builds up in the body. Fluid build up is particularly dangerous for people with cirrhosis of the liver, heart problems and kidney disease.

2. High in Fat

Most processed meats also affect the health of consumers because of the high fat levels in such products. High levels of saturated fat have a devastating affect on the heart and arteries of individuals. It is also well known that high fat processed meat adds to the overall weight gain of people. Higher weight gain has been linked to heart problems and many other health issues like diabetes, cancer and some mental health problems.


3. High in Sugar

Many people are surprised to learn that a number of processed meats have high levels of sugars that have been known to increase blood sugar levels dramatically. Some processed foods have fructose corn syrup and normal sugar added. High consumption of sugar rich foods has been linked to weight gain and a higher risk of diabetes, cancer and mental health problems such as ADHD.

The health risks of a poor diet are well known in our society and there is now a huge amount of information about maintaining good health on all budgets. Replacing processed meat with leaner versions like chicken or red meat decreases the risks of heart disease. Lean red meats are lower in saturated fat while also giving the consumer other health benefits such as high iron levels. High plant diets have also been known to increase health because of the added nutritional benefits of vitamins and minerals. With a little bit of research and by adding other nutritionally rich foods to the diet; it is possible that everyone can lead a much healthier and happier life. Avoiding processed meats that are high in sugar, fat and salt will reduce the risk of health problems for everyone.


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