3 Ways to Drift a Car , Technique and Tricks


Car drifting can be both exciting and dangerous. It is a technique whereby the drier over-steers the car intentionally, resulting to loss of traction in the wheels but at the same time maintaining control of the car.


The driver uses the throttle, brakes, gear shifting, clutch and steering. It is a rather difficult technique which requires training and a lot of practice to perfect. However, it’s very fun and exciting sport to watch. There are many ways and techniques to drift a car but your choice depends on the properties of your car. Some of the best and most common include:

  1. Handbrake or E-Brake Drift

This is the most common, easiest and one of the most exciting techniques to drift a car. This technique can be used to achieve 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree turns. It begins with a simple acceleration and shifting into a gear with room to rev. Then you push the clutch and immediately flick the steering wheel while pulling the handbrake simultaneously. At this point, put some pressure on the gas pedal as you release the clutch and the handbrake, steering the car in the direction of the slide and using the throttle to control the drift angle.

  1. Feint Drift

Feint drifting is a technique that focuses on momentum of the car. The trick in this technique is to feel the balance of the car and use its weight to create a force which overwhelms the grip of the tires, hence bring about a drift. This is achieved by doing a quick flick of the steering wheel. In practical for instance, when approaching a left hand bend, you steer to the right. As the back of the car moves to the right, you quickly steer to the left causing the back of the car to lose traction and start to drift. Finally you counter-steer and catch the drift.

  1. Braking Drift

This technique requires the driver to pay attention to three factors: when to downshift, how long to stay on the brakes, and when to turn into the corner. It begins with high speed in third gear as you approach a corner followed by perfect braking to slow down to about 70% of the speed you are driving. Release the brakes and steer into the corner, then using the heal-toe trick shift down to second leaving your toe on the brake. Counter-steer and finally give the car gas gently.

Drifting is a fun activity or sport for both drivers and viewers. However, it can be dangerous to both the driver and the car if done without proper skills and knowledge. Any car with rear wheel drive is capable of drifting but front wheel drive proves to be difficult.


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