3 Tips to Buying the Healthiest Chicken


Chicken is considered a great source of protein compared to other meat products. It is often used in simple or even medical diets thanks to the low values of fat and cholesterol. The number of chicken products offered to us, consumers, is really large.

While they are all chicken meat obviously, there are important differences between them. In order to make the healthier choice, it is necessary to know these differences.


Here are three easy tips for you to follow and get a better product:

1 – Look for the label 100% Certified Organic Product

In the United States, this label has the logo of the United States Department of Agriculture – USDA. In the UK, there are several agencies that hold the authority for checking the quality of food (for example, the Organic Food Federation). These institutions hold the responsibility for checking the raising process, the meat quality and the methods used.

They are government bodies or government approved bodies. This label means that the food is 100% organic. The chickens were raised without hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals (not even pesticides for the soil) during their entire life. It also means that they were raised in an open free environment with adequate healthcare. Studies have shown that chickens raised in closed environments, have less nutritional values and even taste worse.

2- Look for the labels of animal protection institutions

In the absence of the first label, these are also proof of a healthier product. These institutions ensure that the chicken are raised in a more humane and natural way. They control the process of raising and the methods used by the company, but not the meat quality.

As we mentioned, the control of food is specifically done by agencies under the supervision of the government. Still, it is important to note that these labels mean that the chicken has been raised without antibiotics. A natural environment and good healthcare has been provided.

3- Buy directly at the farmers

This is not a really convenient way for most people. Still, there is no better guarantee for the product than your own eyes. You can go to a farm, and understand how the chickens are really raised. Remember to ask for certifications issued by government bodies, before deciding to opt for this solution.

It is important to understand that in the United States, but also in the UK and other Europe countries, the use of hormones is banned. It is also not allowed to raise chickens in a closed space, unless the purpose is the production of eggs. So, normally, no chickens that come in our tables should have these problems.

The only thing left is the no antibiotics and chemicals. These can only be certified by government bodies. Knowing these facts, do not get fooled by marketing slogans like “Cage-free”, “naturally raised”, “no hormones”, etc.

In conclusion, look for proofs of an organic food. There is no better evidence than the label Organic Product, which is given by specialized control agencies under the government. The cost of these products is usually higher than the non-organic ones, but the taste and the nutritional values make up for that!



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