3 Ways a Man Can Keep His Relationships Healthy


Healthy relationships in one’s life require time, attention, and the occasional nurturing. However, men have been depicted in movies and other aspects of pop culture as being unable to dedicate those things into their relationships.

Despite the popular idea of how men handle relationships, they must put in as much time and effort as their female counterparts in order to reap the benefits of good, solid relationships.

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This is not limited to only romantic relationships. Men need solid connections to family just as much as they need love and trust in their marriage.

In fact, the relationship men hold with members of their family can directly influence how they later treat their wife. But where do men start when it comes to making the relationships in their lives healthy and strong?


1. Be Attentive

This is one of the most simple ways to maintain healthy relationships, but it is also one of the most important. Simply pay attention. If your partner has a new haircut, you should have been paying enough attention to notice.

One of the top reasons women start cheating on their spouse is because they feel they are not appreciated by their husband. But appreciation is not something that can be shown only some of the time.

Regular declarations of love and small signs of affection can go a long way in being attentive. This applies both to a marriage and a relationship with a family member.

For instance, ignoring phone calls from your mother is not a good way to have healthier relationships in your life.

However, calling on an important day your mother had told you about shows that you pay attention when she speaks and care how her life is going.


2. Ask For What You Want

As important as it is to pay attention to the needs of others, it is also important to have your own needs fulfilled. However, no one can read minds. The stereotype in many romantic comedies is the idea of a man who cannot express his feelings. Sadly, this can often be a real life struggle for many men. The healthiest relationships require clear and honest communication.

This means if you wish you had more nights with the guys because you feel your friendships are not as strong as they could be, tell your partner.

If your friends feel you spend too much time with your wife, express to them why you are spending time at home. Chances are, everyone will understand and support where you are coming from.


3. Daily Appreciation

Daily appreciation is similar to being attentive, but it is more progressive. When you have been in a relationship long enough, whether with a romantic partner or a friend, chances are you only share negative feedback.

If you start to feel your relationship is in a rut, or that your friendship is becoming negative, take the wheel and don’t wait for the other person to start to solve the problem. A simple start is telling someone each day three things you appreciate about them. It can be as small as how they open the door for you or as big as the support they give you.


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