3 Tips to Make Someone Happy


To make someone happy is one of the most rewarding feeling we as human beings can have. Whether it is your best friend, a waiter, a neighbor, brightening their day usually, goes a long way in brightening your day as well.


Since people differ in what makes them happy, it is good to be genuine, open and be sensitive to their concerns. However, the mere display of that real concern can go a long way to cheer up a someone’s day.

1. Always do kind things to other

What goes around it does come round and so is the act of kindness. Kindness is the universal language of love and being kind to others in return always increases one’s levels of happiness, and it is one contagious act. It is through kindness we connect with other people. Kindness lifts the other person spirits leaving a feeling of gratitude.

Acts of kindness include things like bringing food to a sick friend, while in a passenger bus you can give up your seat to the elderly, children or even people with conditions, donating blood, doing charities, even buying coffee to the person next to you at a café queue, tipping a waiter.

Acts of kindness have a long-lasting effect of increasing someone else self-esteem to the extent of altering how they feel about themselves. The actions are, make someone laugh, take the time to listen, welcome people, give a hug, converse with a stranger, acknowledge a job well done, offer a helping hand among others.

2. Give a personalized and meaningful gift

Sending unexpected present to someone is a proven way of making people happy. Such little things like a cup of coffee, a slice of cake and the fact that it was something which was unexpected is an irreplaceable experience.

The fact that you have taken time out of your schedule to pick that special gift for a person is by itself enough. Get a friend something they like or need, be it that novel they always talk about, an album, dress among other items. Making an effort to find that unique item for your friend will instantly enlighten them. Giving that meaningful gift whether it is for a birthday, holidays, wedding or even parents day can make that positive impression, and nothing makes parents and friends happier.

3. Give compliments/gossip positively

Appreciation or compliments are some of the definite ways to appreciate them more. Give credits to people accomplishments no matter how small they may have been. Telling someone about something you love about them will make them happy. For instance, let you parents feel that you do not take them for granted, and you are truly grateful for all the things they have done for you.

Compliment your friends too. This can be the way they look regarding dressing, personality achievement among other characters. Say positive things even when they are not around, when the message reaches them they will feel positive energy and a perception of sincerity.

In conclusion therefore if you want to make someone happy remember always to capitalize on their emotions. Put more effort on loving, respecting and appreciating the people you want to make them happy.



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