3 Ways to Show Your Truly Love for Someone


Love is most powerful and emotional word , Many people are uncomfortable expressing their love for others. Sometimes people were raised in homes where love wasn’t expressed openly, and then as adults, they find it difficult to find ways to let someone else know how they feel.

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If you have difficulty saying “I love you”, there are other ways you can express your romantic feelings, so read on for some ideas on ways that you can show your love

  •  Remembering birthdays and anniversaries may seem silly to some, but they are very important to others.it is important that you buy that gift she/he will appreciate since you remembered it his/her birthday this makes your love stronger because of showing how romantic you are.A phone call at work, or a note slipped into a lunch box, just to say “I miss you!” can create a feeling of being loved that will last all day and possibly, even longer.

    Is your partner a chocoholic? Show up with a little pack of chocolate candies for no reason at all. Does he or she have a favorite fragrance? You should know it, and remember it! And buy it as a gift it lightens the love.


  • Men, why not do the dishes for her sometime when she’s not expecting it? It’s all about showing her your support in the relationship.Ladies, you can give him first dibs on the computer after dinner! An unexpected surprise hug or kiss- these are all seemingly small, but significant ways to show love. Showing love is all about letting someone know that you’re thinking of them and that they are important to you. That’s really what most people want from their loved one – the security that they find in the knowledge that they are truly loved, that they are important to someone.


  • Spending time together is a wonderful way to show love, but it can be difficult in today’s busy lifestyle, especially if work or kids are in the picture.Try finding one thing that the two of you can do together each week. Maybe it’s a television show that you both like to watch or perhaps you can do the Sunday crossword puzzle together.

    If you like to get out of the house, try a bike ride together on Saturdays, or in the evening after work. And of course, no matter how hard it is, saying “I love you” has to be done. You might think that she knows it, but she’ll never be sure until you say it.

    If saying it out loud is still too uncomfortable for you, why not try writing it? Little love notes or even “no occasion” cards can be a wonderful way to show your love to your partner. You can even use love quotes to express your love.

Finding ways to show your love is all about remembering the other person’s needs and letting them know that you’re always thinking about them. It can be in your actions, in the little gifts that you give, in the thoughtfulness you show them.

Keep them in your heart and remember what’s important to them and you’re sure to be able to show your love in a meaningful way – even when the words are hard to say.



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