7 Helpful Tips To Break Your Bad Habits


Do you know that it’s very natural for all of us to have bad habits? Well am very sure that you have tried all your level best to change them but it’s extremely challenging for you to stop since you are already used to them.


Generally, we all have this problem but it has become a very hard task for us to accept ourselves. All those behaviors followed us since we were in childhood.

Actually, you don’t feel comfortable when doing those things because your friends are not happy with you.Some of the examples of bad habit are; biting your nails in front of other people, clearing your congested throats, eating a pen, and touching off a nose.

The following are the helpful tips to break your bad habits :

1. Understand what contributes to your bad manners

It’s good to recognize the sources of the bad practice because each problem has its own source. Occasionally it will depend on the type of groups you have. Friends who are used to such bad manners can make you adapt them.

For instance, if the biggest percentage of your friends are drunk addicts or smokers you will find yourself be behaving likewise.

2. First accept the bad things you are doing to let them go

If you are ready to transform, first you have to accept yourself, after the accepting you will come up with your own decision of making a great change of your life.

For example, it’s very difficult to know about them without being communicated by one of your friends. If they love you, they will be joyful to stay with you without doing such stuff, that’s why they inform you about those things for you to modify.

3. Have a reason for the change

Let the reason for changing be a positive one. Put in your thoughts those optimistic reasons and you will keep on memorizing them daily. Basically having those motives you can achieve your goals, which will make life comfortable.

Actually, this will reduce the chances of misbehaving because you will think before the performance. For instance, if you like putting your pen in your mouth when studying, learn from today that you will not repeat it again because it’s not good.

4. Write down a list of some bad behaviors

Writing down will support in reminding yourself daily. Write them on your notebook where you list the activities to be undertaken daily.

For instance, if you are traveling in a bus you can remove it and peruse the list, so it will be a daily routine for you to go through and practice them physically.

5. Take action

You can become tired of doing some bad habits, so it’s better to sacrifice all your lifetime to change. For example, if you are working and you like smoking when you go outside the office, avoid going to that ground which makes you smoke comfortably. Changing of the environment which favors a lot your behaviors, can help a lot if you want to change.

6. Fine yourself if you disobey

Let your mind recall on remembering what you listed down, assure yourself that you will follow what you aiming. Take that list to be your objectives of achieving this solution of bad practice. Fining will make this behavior to sound more painful for you, for it will need some payment.

Select one of your great friends who will keep on watching if you will be attempted to do such bad things. If you will be trapped doing it you will pay them because of the breaking of rules.

7. Finally reward yourself

Rewarding will help you to aim higher and also motivate yourself. This is whereby you will come to learn that you are doing an imperative thing to your life.


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