5 Tips to Becoming a Chic and Classy Woman


Being a classy chick or woman is not just about looks.If you want to be considered a classy woman or chick,there are certain trends you must stick to in your social identity and presentation as a woman.You must also posses high levels of intelligence and excellent communication skills.

However In addition, here are five tips to becoming a chick and a classy woman:

1. Posture
Having a good posture is a very vital component in being classy.A good posture not only makes you look energetic but also healthy.Classy women must never look lazy and bored.A classy woman should always avoid slouching when talking to people.Scientist have associated our posture with communication.It is said,a good posture enhances the clarity of our speech and also makes our listeners attentive. Leaning against surfaces is not the style for classy women.Keep your head up every time you are engaging with people.

2. Hygiene
Hygiene is also a very important component of attaining class.A dirty woman can never be identified among classy women.Hygiene here does not refer to taking care of the body only.Hygiene is the general neatness of a woman. Keep your house clean having your car sparkling clean and arranging documents neatly on your desk are some of the hygiene tenets we are talking about in this case.On top of the physical hygiene and moral hygiene is also very important.A woman who doesn’t have control of her utterances is a disgrace not only to the society but also to the women folk in general who advocate for class.

3. Grooming
Definitely,we can not talk about classy women without considering how they dress.A classy woman must be very alive to fashion.She must show signs of someone who is aware of the fashion trends.She must always make sure she does dress in an appropriate manner.The dressing style can really tell on a persons character.A dress that is too revealing is not the kind of dress that should be worn by a classy woman.A classy woman earns admiration and respect from her dressing.The clincher here is dress with dignity.

4. Modesty
Modesty is the ability to strike the nicest balance when confronted by different situations.A classy woman must have a certain level of temperance that is not exhibited by every tom dick and harry.A Classy woman should not easily back chart.A classy woman must be calm,collected and patience.Discipline is a core component of being classy and sassy.In fact without it you can not be able to observe the other requirements needed to be met in order to be viewed as classy.

5. Price
I don’t mean to value a woman by invoking price.A classy woman should not use cheap makeup or perfume brands.A classy woman should spend just a little more.I understand that our society is made up of different regimes in terms of financial power.Nevertheless, the society dictates from the begging, if you want to be different then always be ready to pay a cost.



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