4 Ways To Make Viral Dubsmash Video


If you happen to have any sort of social media pulse, chances are you have heard of and most likely seen at least one or nine hundred of the viral Dubsmash videos going around. This trend might possibly be one of the most stupidly entertaining phenomenons currently happening.

But stupidly entertaining phenomenons are the best, and we know you want to BE the best. So we are going to give you some tips on how to smash, a Dubsmash.

1. BE A CELEBRITY. This will really help your chances of going viral ,Just kidding. I mean, it would help, but let’s start over. Here are some real tips for us everyday people, on how to make a viral Dubsmash video:

1. Refuse to have any sense of pride whatsoever. What do we mean by this? Be willing to be completely committed to the Dubsmash, with no inhibitions. People LOVE to laugh and if you are willing to be laughed at, this will increase your viral potential exponentially. Wave goodbye to your sense of self pride, and move that body! Stretch that mouth! Dance that dance! Go for it.

2. Become an echo. If you haven’t heard the saying “to be a voice, you must first be an echo”, well, now you have. If you’re having a hard time knowing where to begin, a great place to start is recognizing and observing some of the greats! Figure out what and who you love, learn to do what they do, and then adapt it to who you are. Beware however, that an echo isn’t a copy. It still has an authentic and unique sound and place. Observe, attempt, echo, adapt.

3. Be the bird. In other words, completely buy into the idea, that whatever words, sounds or songs are coming out of Dubsmash, are coming out of YOU. Embrace the voice, embody the persona, be the bird.





4. Have fun. This seems cliche, but cliches are cliches because they’re usually quiet true. You MUST let the good times roll, and have a good time. This essence of Dubsmash, IS fun, and if you’re not having any, chances are neither is anyone else. Enjoy your progress, but enjoy the process as well. Fun is contagious, and if something is contagious, it’s probably a virus. But hopefully, it’s a viral Dubsmash video.

You now have some great tips to create your work of art, and we know you are going to be a smashing success! Now get out there and GO SMASH A DUBSMASH.



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