10 Foods Help You Fight Depression And Anxiety


Depression and ancient can be as a result of many things. Ranging from lifestyle choices and genetics, more specific is caused by deficiencies of vitamins and nutrients.


Eating a balanced diet that is food rich in these two nutrients can help to reduce anxiety and to improve mood such food are vegetables; dark leafy greens contribute to the rectifying situation, vegetables are believed to contain most of nutrients and vitamins. Greens like kale, spinach and swiss chard can help fight this conditions.

Healthy eating that is eating a balanced diet can also correct the two conditions, this done by eating food that is good for our bodies and mind, and those can bring us joy. For instance including berries in our daily eating habits, such food should not be neglected. Berries are known to bring joy. They include strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Berries play a significant role in fighting depression.

There are foods which reduce anxiety for example mushrooms play a fundamental role in mental health and through this they lower sugars sugar levels in the blood, they can also help brighten the mood. Mushrooms can be consumed when raw and also when cooked like in pizza.

Food which directly or indirectly contributes to reducing depression are like walnuts supports overall brain health which in turn lowers depression and support brain well-being. Most nuts are the source of protein fibre, vitamins and minerals. Walnuts are one of the foods that contain richest-plant based sources of omega-3s and this makes them best for reducing depression.

Food like beans can help improve mood; beans are global food that is everywhere. That’s why people should use them more often, they are fantastic for the overall heath, and they contain proteins, iron, carbohydrates, fibre and folate. Beans are known to be good for heart also have selenium in them, which helps lift mood.

Lack of sleep is one of the source of depression, seeds like flax seeds and chia foods are known to help give good night sleep, as seeds cutting down calories. Many of seeds like flax and chia are packed with chemicals tryptophan these are amino acids that is a precursor to melatonin which is a requirement for sleep.

The human body cannot function without a well-maintained brain, that’s why is advisable to take salmon and avocado. These two food boosts brain power and functioning. Salmon are rich in omega 3s and fatty acids which are essential for promoting brain health for fighting depression.

Food which contributes to antioxidants are used as therapy to improve mood. Food which has these properties are rich in vitamin c and E and also have beta-carotene. These food include fruits, soya beans and vegetables.

Healthy is the propeller of everything, and that is why there many foods which are main builders of the body. Food like whole grains and cereals like beans are good for the general health of the body.


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