Tips To Make a Dubsmash On The Computer


Basically, Dubsmash refers to a kind of application program that was developed by Daniel Taschic, Jonas Dropper and Roland Grenke for a need to enable users to record their music, movies, important internet trends and recording videos for themselves.

Having a Dubsmash on your personal computer you will effectively have an accessibility of many features and enjoy playing this popular video app at any time that you may feel like.

Therefore, there are various steps that you can take in order to make a Dubsmash on your computer, these include the following;

  • Step1. Ensure you have an efficient Android emulator for your computer.

This is the first step guide which you need to make sure for the process to go successfully. In case you might have already installed the app, then it’s recommended to skip this process. On the contrary, if you have not yet downloaded it, emphasize to use BlueStacks app for a need to have an accessibility of it.

  • Step2. Make the start of the software installed.

Once the installation process for the emulator has been successfully done; then proceed with the software by clicking icon abbreviated as search tool. Afterwards, use it as recommended to find this kind of application. The great chances are that you might not be able to see it on your expected results, just continue by clicking the link for the play store and finally you will come across it.

  • Step3. Choose your updated operating system and install it on your computer.

In addition, in order to enable the process of synchronizing features that are found on the BlueStacks to go as needed; then installing an operating system will as well facilitate for an easy installation. In some situations where there is no updated operating system an interruption might occur which requires you to ensure all the essential features are well set up and proceed by login up using your current Google account.


At the last when play store accepts and opens up; then you will be able to see the display Dubsmash icon appearing. With ease you can click such icon to access the video application on your computer.

Hence, after all that, now you have successfully installed this kind of application program on your computer. You can enjoy lots of benefits not only playing videos as well.



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