Best TV Talk Show Answers of All Time


Alireza Khamseh  is one of seconds (sanieha) channel two TV show hosts , he said in this competition maybe you see some improper answers to questions cause of lack of knowledge and also stress of recording TV show .



In this series of episodes we will notice to those who are answering irrelevant to questions , In this new method we will stop recording and we ask the participants if they do not know proper answer just say “I do not know” , so maybe you viewers hear more I do not know in new series !

regarding to some of these funny answers he said : I have said many times, They are the sons of this people and they not came from the moon or Mars . Those who laugh to them may be stressed if stay in front of the camera. these days everyone has a smartphone is his pocket and can search and find all information online and just google it to find all details , that’s why we do not study too much every day!

Khamseh mentioned educational system is also effective in reducing the General information of the participants , He pointed out that the competitors are college-educated, However one of our culture problem is that we do not want to use “I do not know” and this is so bad, Perhaps the most important thing that happens in this TV show is people learn and use “I don’t Know” if they do not have a right and correct answer to questions !

He also Said : Some issues related to directors and production team and they must be more accurate and do more evaluation in process of participants selection . Finally this programs learn us we have to study more and learn to our kids and next generation to read more books !


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