Top Health Benefits of Lemon Water


Starting your day with lemon water is a great idea and you must have seen the pictures of a lemon cartoon on the Pinterest of large pitcher of water along with the top ten or twenty reason why you should begin your morning with it.

You might have also seen this century old yet fresh idea popping up around the web world for years now. But since we are all struggling with seemingly endless pollution and stress, it is now the best time to try if you have not already.

Botanically, lemon is a citrus fruit belonging to Rutaceae family. Its scientific name is Citrus Lemon. Despite being the smallest member in its family, it has far more comprehensive benefits than any of its family member. Historically, lemon is indigenous to India and spread around the world with the advent of Europeans to the subcontinent. Its two main types are Lisbon and Eureka. It is also the lowest in calorie in its family carrying about 29 calories per 100 grams.

The most overstated and natural benefit that comes to mind when talking about the lemon water is its potential as a natural Detox and Cleanse. Regular drinking of lemon water increases the amount of urine, but it also brings with it an essential compound known as Nitrate. It is an effective inhibitor of crystallized toxins. It also enhances the ability of the body to flush out or destroy the unwanted and harmful toxins. So the first and most important benefit of lemon water is that it helps to lower the amount of toxins in the body. Well, it’s all about the science of health.
And if you are familiar with science, you must have heard about alkalinity which is the process of neutralizing acids in the human body. The basic idea is that the body has many acids that can cause serious side effects such as upset stomach, acidity, and acid reflex if goes beyond certain amount. If you are thinking about using lemon water to enhance your immune system and manage your body’s alkalinity, you should first consult your doctor to identify your pH level. It is perhaps the safest and most effective way to manage your acid level and decrease the chances of hypertension and stroke. After all, lemon is the rich source of Citrus Flavoring.

Ein Glas mit frischem Trinkwasser und einer Limette. Mineralwasser als Durstlöscher.
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Citrus flavoring is also the main cause of smooth digestion system when drinking mild lemon water. It helps in the digestion of food and prevent fatty liver. Beaumont was the first to discover that digestion problems have a lot to do with the overall health of stomach. Feeding your body the right kind of things can increase its ability to digest food better. Al least this is what the scientists says.
Though there is a lack of proper scientific proof that claim lemon water to be a fat burning miracle and energy booster but it does not make the claims baseless. Polyphenol and Pectin are the main substances found in lemon that show effective energy boost and weight loss qualities. That is why most of the doctors recommend replacing your morning coffee with lemon water for at least two weeks. What can be better than starting your day with Vitamin C rich drink?
As mentioned earlier, lemons are rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C which is essential for normal development and growth of the body. Just half a glass of it generally contain 30 to 40 mg of Vitamin C which helps in protecting the body against heart attacks, skin wrinkle, eye disease, immune system problems.

© Magdalena Kucova –
© Magdalena Kucova –

According to a study published by French and German researchers in European Journal of Nutrition, lemons have rich quantity of anti-oxidants and Ascorbic acid which are directly linked to anti-aging properties. These antioxidants can reverse the process of breaking down of skin tissues and gives skin its structure, plumpness and strength.
Ascorbic Acid enhances wound healing process and is an effective nutrient to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, and connective tissues. Indians have been using lemon to relieve tooth problems and gingivitis since centuries. Don’t forget that it can abrade tooth enamel so never brush your tooth just after drinking lemon water. Lemon water can also help your anti-disease mechanism by replacing the necessary fluids lost by the body. For instance, if your body doesn’t have enough amount of water, you will immediately begin to feel tired and low on energy. Lemon water can help you regain the lost power and stamina and makes your mood better.
Lemon water is an effective mood enhancer. The energy that body utilizes comes from the atoms in your diet. A reaction takes place when positive ions from the food start working in the digestive system and interact with negatively charged enzymes.

Lemon contain negatively charged ions and thus provide your immune system with more energy. Just the smell of lime juice can lighten your mood and help in clearing the thoughts.
Lemons are also rich in potassium which reacts with Sodium for smooth electric transmission in the nervous system and brain. Forgetfulness, anxiety and depression can be traced to the low sodium potassium level in the blood.However, never buy bottled lime juice as it contains Sulphites which are allergic to most of the people and unhealthy as well.



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