Iranian actor Ali Tabatabaei dies at Age 32


Ali Tabatabaei film and television actor, born in 1362, died of a heart attack last night At the age of 32 . He is the son of Sayed Kamal Tabatabaei, Cinema and television producer. Tabatabaei said : his death made me shocked.

The Heisman Abbasi, public relations manager at Tehran Emergency said : “Seyed Ali Tabatabaei family called 1-1-5 emergency around noon and ask for help, He added Ambulance has been to the emergency address and consultants tried to reach by
Phone with doctors to give guidance to their families.”

 He announced that Ali Tabatabaei is suffering from a heart problem not using any kind of pills or overdose ! Abbasi said: After reaching Emergency forces to the place, it became clear that the time of death was about 3 hours before our team get there and we couldn’t help Him.

In response to the question of “ what was the cause of death of Ali Tabatabaei ?, is there symptoms of overdose ?” He Said : “The cause of death was cardiac arrest and our colleagues have not seen any sign of overdose.” Fereydoun Jeyrani asked about
Ali Tabatabaei Rumors of suicide and he answered : I have already spoken with his father and all News about his suicide is false and a big lie , the only cause of death of this young actor is cardiac arrest.

We wish patience to his family, especially his parent.

This young actor has been in several collections as “Frozen Heart”, “the children fairly bad”, “The Chef”, “The Song of Mother” , ” 25 O’clock” and some other works of cinema and television. His first work was in “season Salad” product of the year 1383 by his father and Writing and directed by Fereydoon Jeyrani. One of his most famous role was in the Heart ice episode .


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