Top 3 Benefits to Using Celebrities in Advertising


It does not matter whether you are advertising using print, over the internet, on TV or over the radio, using celebrities in the in pushing your brand comes with numerous advantages.

The key is ensuring that the local celebrity being used is relevant and has an appeal that is broad. Going for the most popular celebrities works best in advertising as they have the ability to generate attention at its best. It is however important that the celebrities used in the advertisements promote services or products that they themselves use for this to be more effective and trustworthy. Among the advantages that you are bound to enjoy when using celebrities in advertisement include:

1. Positive Influence in Consumer Purchases

Consumer interest is certain products and services can be greatly influenced by their affinity for the celebrities being used in the advertisements. Man will believe that if the product is good for the celebrity then it is worth using. This mostly works for those advertising hair products, makeup and skin creams. Testimonials by local celebrities promoting specific services and goods bring about instant credibility and ill make more people want to be associated to the brand being advertised.

2. Improved Brand Positioning

Using celebrities is an effective way of positioning a brand or product. This basically involves using a celebrity who fits in the target group to pitch products relevant to them. This way, the target group will in a way feel like it needs to be part of the brand and use the product being fronted as the celebrity will have built its reputation since he or she is associated with it. The celebrity makes the message being fronted believable.

3. Resuscitation of Failing Brands

There are many brands that were doomed to fail but were brought back to life after celebrities ere you to advertise them. This is a strategy that has been proven to be effective and has propelled brands that were on their death beds to heights they never thought they would soar. This has helped companies turn losses into high profits.

Celebrities therefore play a great role in advertisement and marketing as they are able to attract more and more people to the brands and products they are advertising. It is important for any brand or company that needs to be successful to associate itself with a celebrity who is relevant to the brand being pushed and one who is loved and has a good standing with the community.



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