Top 3 Creative Ideas To Increase Your Sales


If you are a complete beginner in the online marketplace, you might be encountering some difficulty with regards to obtaining more sales. There are basics to adhere to when it comes to effective marketing. There are also key factors surrounding this difficulty, but worry not, they can be easily circumvented using proven and tested methods.

If you want to head to a more unconventional route, or attempt more ways to increase sales in addition to the more traditional strategies, here are three creative ideas that you can use:

1. Get Word of Mouth Out Using Contests.

Word of mouth is possibly the best way to increase your online reach organically. And how better to do this by offering some free stuff? One creative way to do this is to not just give stuff away but to make your prospective customers want them. Set-up a competition in your locale or publicize a competition in social media. Hype up the event and create press releases that highlights the prizes and of course, your product. There is nothing better than free stuff if you want to lure people in.

2. Partner Up With Social Media Personalities and Events.

In this day and age where social media is king and where traditional advertisements are losing their value, millennials are starting to take over. With myriads of social media platforms that are accessible by everyone, their reach is wider and farther than ever, encompassing all demographics and engaging them. The churn rate is also very low for these guys because of the new content that they are generating every now and then. The idea, therefore, is to partner up with these personalities and make them promote your products. It is also important to choose your social media partner well – making sure that your target audiences are truly aligned.

3. Create Branding Through Memes and Slogans.

Memes and witty slogans are now the prime entertainment of this generation as well as the older ones. Through displays of wit and creativity, ideas become viral, even transcending culture and race. Think of the brand Nike and its slogan “Just Do It.” The slogan has been used for various purposes, memes in particular. Along with the spread of the slogan, of course came the increase in popularity of the brand, and of course increase in sales. Viral memes and slogans are sometimes hard to come by and the buzz will die out easily. However, the new exposure garnered will surely place your brand and your product within the radar and these will almost always ensure an increase in sales.


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