3 Ways To Become a Movie and TV Actor


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous actor? Maybe you have enjoyed acting in your school plays, or have joined a local acting group in your town as a hobby.

Or maybe you are really attracted to the idea of becoming someone else – at least temporarily – and just know that you have it in you to be a fine actor. If that is you, here are three tips to help you on your way.

1. Take acting lessons

it is amazing how many people think that acting simply comes naturally. Of course there has to be some talent within you, but acting is more taught than caught. Lessons can hone your innate talent and bring out the best, while helping you to avoid the pitfalls that could ruin your career before it gets off the ground. Different skills are needed to act in a movie from those that are needed for TV. Taking lessons can help you with diction so that you speak clearly and without haste. People that mumble of speak quickly and indistinctly cannot be understood by their audience. You have to learn how to show emotion with your voice, facial expressions and body language.

2. Go where the work is

you will never become a big star by staying in your small country town, no matter how much you like it. In the US, most of the casting is done in the New York or Los Angeles simply because those cities are where many casting directors live. If you wanted to be a rancher, you would have to go to the country. To be an actor you need to go to the city and the best cities are those where the casting directors hang out.

3. Be persistent and committed

no career worth having will come about without persistence and commitment. There are sure to be many times that you may feel like giving up. But once you do that you will never achieve your dream. Many so-called overnight successes in the TV or movie industry have worked in bit parts or as waiters for years. Then one day a movie they worked in becomes a hit and they are suddenly noticed by the people that count. They may be called an overnight success, but only they know the hard work and many years it has taken to make it. But they also know it was worth the effort. So never give up and one day you’ll reap the rewards.



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