3 Tips to Become a Good Host


With the growing demand for careers in the mass media sector such as television news anchors, more young people are enrolling in universities and middle level colleges that offer training relevant to this field.

There is a wide range of programs offered by these institutions, and the goal is often to produce a strong TV host with admirable skills and knowledge in their line of work. Let us discuss some of the skills necessary of a good host.

Communication skills

A good TV host should have good communication skills. Apart from being able to interact with different co-workers like the producers, directors and reporters, they should have an impeccable command of the language they use to host the TV shows. They should also be good conversation-starters and should be able to use language in an appropriate manner when moderating certain debates in the studio. Communication skills are also necessary when reporting a piece of news pertaining to certain groups in the society. For instance, the host should use softer tones when discussing taboo topics in the society, when referring to certain audience like the less-privileged or even when discussing those living with disabilities .

Organization skills

Organization skills is also key in determining the competence of a TV host. Organization skills come in handy when deciding the order in which news items have to follow. If for instance, there is a piece of breaking news, the host should know when and how to introduce the piece while still keeping in touch with the other news items. They should also be able to organize the various news items in order of priority according to the topical issues, and should accord each item the attention it deserves as per to the level of public interest.


making skills – This is yet another skill required of a good TV host. Decision making skills can be judged at two levels namely; how quick the decision is made and how efficient it is. The entertainment industry, of which TV hosting is a component, contains lots of shifting sands, and one incident may happen either in the field or live in the studio that would call upon the efficiency with which the host takes certain decisions. In order to enhance these skills, a TV host should keep up to date with current events and trends, as this will be key in deciding what to do or report in the event of such exigencies.



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