3 Ways to Create a Good Animated Short Film


In the modern day and age, animated films have become the in-thing. As much as we love them, there is no denying the fact that so many people still do not understand what it takes to create them. In this article, we shall look at three ingenuous ways to create a good animated short film.

1. Choose a good script

Like any other film, an animated film is as good as the quality of its script. A script basically enlists your ideas and a typical script for animated films must have an eye-catching theme. The theme is the main topic of the film and as it were, the simpler the better. It is always advisable to go for themes that resonate well with your intended audience. A theme that reflects a lost cause is always recommended as it cuts across all generations.

In addition to the theme, the script also requires characters. Characters are usually people but they could also be animals. When it comes to characters, choosing a funny one always goes a long way in making your film captivating.

After choosing the characters, you have to decide on the visual effect of your film. Many popular animated films owe their popularity to having a fantasy themed environment, so you might want to consider this when choosing the visuals.

Lastly, a script is not complete without a plot. A plot is the story line which includes the beginning, middle and end of the story. Always learn to hook your viewers by choosing a nice beginning and making the rests of the story relevant to it, then having a proper ending.

2. Sketch character models

Another tip to creating a good animated short film is sketching character models. The good thing with an animated film is that it allows you to run wild with your creativity and as such, there are no rules that define how your characters will look. However, the characters need to be captured in various poses and expressions in order to have a rough idea of how they will look in the film.

This is usually an opportunity to decide on the sound effects too. The appearance of your characters will go a long way in deciding how they will talk, what they will say and most importantly, the soundtracks that will define their scenes.

3. Synchronize the timings with the sound effects

The last tip to creating a good animated movie is having the sound effects working in-sync with the characters’ dialog. This always calls for proper timing. The goal here is not to make the sound effects as real as possible, but rather to make them appear to be emanating from the characters, and in real time. You need to convince your viewers that the characters are actually making the sound being heard. This often calls for a thorough view of your animation before releasing it to the audience to ensure that all sounds and visuals are perfectly in-sync.



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