Beauty Tips – Why Do Men Get Nose Jobs ?


The nose is a very prominent facial feature.Therefore a contributor to your image and appearance.This makes people want to have a perfect nose to accentuate Their looks.While others consider nose jobs to correct disabilities like cleft noses.

Others may have naturally asymmetrical noses that are not balanced with other facial features.While a portion of this candidates may have problems breathing .

This requires internal reconstruction of the nose.


Most men taking up nose jobs specifically for beauty want their nose sizes reduced ,increased , different shapes or angle inclinations from the upper lip.Some people will have bulging nose tips or very wide nostrils which alter their looks.Well if anyone is not entirely happy with this vital facial feature they can consider Rhinoplasty.

How Done it

Incisions are made on the inside of the nose reaching the bones to make surgery safe.Cartillage or some bone may be removed or added depending on the desired shape.The added cartillage could be synthetic or from a part of the body.

What You Feel After The Surgery

After the process one may feel the nose as swollen especially around the eyes.The bandage will be removed after a week.Though it will take almost 5 weeks to recover completely.

Major risks
-excessive bleeding
-risk of nasal blockage
-skin problems with peeling of the nose top sin due to bandanging
-depending on the person some people may have complications of anaethesia


The cost of these surgical process varies a lot depending on the patients needs and where they choose to get the process done.It also varies with the surgeon.
While thinking about the cost you are advised to check the experience of the surgeon.I’m sure no one wants to be a surgeon’s experiment.

The cost of equipment used also reflects in the total costing.a good instance would be using a local anaesthetic which is cheaper but then making the whole process painful to the point of actually feeling as the surgeon working on your nose.Good post surgical care will also be part of the cost depending on the quality.



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