5 Tips to Become a Creative Speaker


Every speaker should be charismatic enough to leave an impression on the audience that would make them want to come back to hear you more. By chance, there are some skills and practice a good speaker needs to have so as to attain the qualities of becoming a charismatic speaker that can leave a long-lasting impression for your listeners to remember you with.

Here are the 5 basic, simple tips to become a good speaker

1. Take a course

In case you have never engaged in public speaking, this should be your first recommendation. Look for public speaking classes at any learning center near you. These institutions teach great speaking skills that you will be able to understand and practice the skills with other learners in the room before the actual presentation. Try it out if you are nervous.

2. Meet and talk with your audience before staging

Meeting with your audience is very important because it allows you to scale the sense of humor of your audience and their perception. During your presentation, use your audience members as illustrations in order to build confidence and understanding with your listeners.

3. Be familiar with your notions

You have to practice what you will present in order to be self-assured on stage so gather a few of your friends, present your idea to them first as they rectify where you have gone wrong. This will help you sound formal during your presentation since you will be able to recollect the series of main concepts you want to present. Try as much as possible to TALK to your listeners and not READING from your notes.

4. Give enough time for people to think

Personally, I used to be afraid and nervous that I had to speed up my whole presentation or else I might appear lost or confused. When you are presenting your ideas, try to pace yourself as you take a breath or a sip of water as your audience is still digesting on what you have said. It will make them understand and pay more attention to you.

5. Stay on topic

Don’t spend too much of your time talking about other irrelevant topics because your audience would get confused or stop paying attention to you. Set aside any extraneous slides and notes and try to work on the relevant notes.

By developing these 5 qualities listed above, you too can grow to be a charismatic speaker. You can turn out to be that speaker that attracts and connects with the audiences, whose fluency leaves the listeners uplifted and cheered. Work on it and you will prosper!



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