4 Tips for Making Fun Viral Videos


Many popular video sharing websites always contain music videos, which go viral. Creating one is easy, but making it go viral is another thing. Here are some steps which will most likely be of help:

Video: facebook

1. Originality:

  • All content must be original. No COPYING, or imitating other creative people.
  • Just copying a song’s dance steps and making it a bit comical isn’t the idea of being ‘funny’. It is actually a bit rude, and unpleasant.

2. Innovation:

  • Be innovative. People like different things, and especially if they’re funny.
  • Although your content is original, if it isn’t different in any way, it won’t even qualify as being funny.
  • If it’s a funny song that you have written and composed, or if it’s just electronic music, with funny dance moves, then so be it. But don’t make it look boring.

3. Duration:

  • The maximum duration of your music video should be anywhere near 3 minutes. Any more than that, and most people will change the video, and start watching something else.
  • The best advice is to keep it under 2 minutes, as most viewers like to watch on-the-go videos, and start their day with a short and sweet one.
  • One of the best examples of a short video is any Harlem Shake video. It’s funny, amusing to watch, and very unique.

4. Precautions:

  •  Do NOT, like mentioned before, imitate. Although it’s the sincerest form of flattery, it won’t make your music video viral.
  • Do not forget to share it as much as possible among your friends, family members, relatives, and school or work mates.
  • Don’t just upload it on YouTube, also do it on Facebook, Google+, or even a glimpse of it on Instagram. The more it’s spread, the more famous it will become.
  • Use good quality camera and equipment. A lot of people tend to view videos in 1080p HD.


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