Watching Sports May Cause Stress and Heart Problems


Sports fans experience stress when watching a game that seems not to favor them and time is ticking. This is characterized by constant sweating, anxiety and other stress related symptoms. This is likely to happen when the match is competitive .

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The constant change of emotions is what causes a rise in stress levels leading to a stressful life in the long run. The cause of the stress is usually not necessarily the outcome of the game but those moments of strain while watching and cheering.

However researchers have found that constant watching games for a long period decreases the chances of cardiac failure because fans get used. This means cardiac failure is likely to affect those who do not have a long history of watching sports. There are those who support this fact and others are against.

Shock of the outcome

Soccer and any other type of games are unpredictable and especially if the competing teams are competitive. Soccer fans on the other hand have strong confidence on their teams and loosing can cause a serious shock. Again, winning unexpectedly is likely to cause shock which is not good for the heart and can cause cardiac arrest. This means both good and bad match outcome can have adverse effect on the heart.

Excitement of the Game

Fans watching a competitive game during the match usually get excited and trilled and this increases their blood pressure. This may include constant shouting and running round the field in support of their team.

Unexpected turn of events

Sometimes fans watching a game being conducted by a biased referee can cause stress. This might be triggered by referee favoring an opposing team in a soccer match and awarding penalty shoot out at the last minutes of the match. This will greatly affect fans of one team and may lead to heart attack.



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