How Complain Less and Be Happy Person


Everyone has some level of influence on people around them, whether positive or negative. No matter one’s level of influence, they will not always get what they want from the people around them.

Naturally one is expected to understand the other party when they do not agree on something, but if they do not they are allowed to complain. Complaining is not bad, but some people complain all the time and about everything. Complaining constantly is not good, below are some tips on how to complain less.

  • Stop complaining

The cure for any bad habit is not doing it .If one has found out that they like complaining; then they should stop complaining. There are many angles to assess any situation; one should choose the positive side always. People who love complaining, complain about everything, what they do not understand is that some things are destined to be the way they are no matter what.

  • Put yourself in other peoples shoes

Complaining affects the people around someone. Someone should imagine how they would feel if they were the ones receiving complains all the time. People expect compliments or positive criticism to keep them motivated, but not complains. If one continues to complain around their family and friends, they are likely to lose them. Nobody wants grumpy people around them all the time; people will be hostile to them and eventually cut them off completely.

  • Discover the things that trigger complaining

In order to stop complaining one should know that they are complaining. They should also study their behavior patterns to know the things that make them complain. Once one has discovered things that make them complain, they can try to avoid them. Running away does not help in solving the problem all the time, for instance if the people triggering the habit are family or friends. If one’s triggers are things that they encounter in their daily life, then they should learn how to cope with them. A good defense mechanism would be changing one’s mindset and choosing to see the brighter side of everything.


Complaining is a bad habit, and it does not have a good color on anybody. One should be able to break the habit of complaining, because it is something they learned. Learning how not to complain is simply doing the opposite of what one learned before they started complaining. Not complaining is choosing to be happy, because one will be choosing to see the brighter side of life.



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