Singers Lip Sync at Concerts or Live Events ?


Lip-syncing (also known as miming) is the term used to describe movement of lips in sync or in line with a prerecorded soundtrack. This action is popular among many famous artists among them Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Both have been accused of lip-syncing during some of her performances such as at the BET awards.

Why do Artists Lip Sync

Most artists are inclined to deliver a perfect performance and will do all that is in their power to ensure a wonderful experience for the fans. It is nearly impossible to achieve this in different settings, such as shows where the environment is different from the recording studio. There are also various factors that affect the performance such as the singer’s mood, health, weather and numerous technical issues. Live performances may put the artist under immense pressure and there is little room for error. The artists feel that their vocals need to match those on their prerecorded tracks. Therefore, they decide to lip-sync and in some instances, it may not be easy for the fans to tell whether their favorite artist is lip-syncing or not.

Do artists lip-sync ?

Some artists do lip-sync while others do it only on various sections such as those that require a very high note which the artist may not currently be able to hit. On-stage performances that involve a lot of movement on the artists’ part such as dancing are tiresome and very few performers would be able to sing and dance at the same time.

When do artists lip-sync?

More common instances where artists lip-sync is when they are performing live, and the event is being broadcasted. During such performances, any measure that can portray a perfect rendition will be employed- including lip-syncing. In the making of music videos, some artists lip-sync to prerecorded music. Since they already sang the song, there is be no need to sing it again while shooting the accompanying video.


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