Top 5 Tips To Learn English Faster


Learning a new language is an exciting experience. One may choose to learn a language for fun, for school purposes or work related reasons. In a world where virtually everything is going global, one cannot afford to be stuck in their native language.

The importance of learning English language cannot be overemphasized. English language is not only an International language but is the language used in almost all international forums. Anyone wishing to communicate effectively with the world must therefore learn English.

In broad terms, there are two types of English: the American English and the British English or in other terms, the Queen’s English. The main difference between the two is the vocabulary. You will however notice other differences in the tense use and spelling of words. Whether you desire to learn speaking English or just want to improve your English, here are a few five ways to learn English faster.

First step is to develop deep interest in the language. Once you develop interest in the language, you will not only be opening your mind to learn but you will also find it fun and enjoyable. When we do things we enjoy, we are likely to master them master. An optimistic state of mind is the key to learning anything new.

As opposed to taking an English book with a dozen of words and memorizing words, connect with a native English speaker, perhaps a friend or a colleague. However, if you cannot find a native English speaker, thanks to the internet, there are several tutorials by native English Speakers at your disposal to help you learn the language.

The third way to leaning English faster is that you should make it your daily habit to learn the language. Learning some words today and then getting back to learning a week or weeks later is the perfect recipe for making no progress. You will realize that you will have forgotten what you learned that past week or those past weeks. Not only should you persistently learn the language but also you should practice speaking and writing English words consistently .Every time you learn something new in the language, practice saying it to someone a few days later or writing it.

Fourthly, expose yourself to art such as music and movies set in English. Although at the beginning you may not comprehend everything said in the movie or every lyric in the song, you are most likely to learn new words and get a better understanding of vocabulary you may have learned in the past. You may also subscribe to blogs and websites that teach English. Most of such blogs send their subscribers an English word for the day. They not only illustrate its application and give you its applicability but also give you its pronunciation. When we hear something said in a song or a movie we are less likely to forget. That is the power of art.

Finally, ensure you carry an English Dictionary wherever you go. You may have it in hard copy or have it in soft copy. Getting a soft copy dictionary is easy since there are several apps available that enable you to download the dictionary of your choice. Carrying a dictionary with you means you can quickly look up for a word you have read somewhere or heard used by someone.


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