Differences Between New Millennials and Old Generation


As much as the new generation is influenced by the old generation there are changes in values. The older generation was concerned about upholding family values and morality.


The current generation is open and values success and happiness. This brief overview looks in to distinctive attributes of the new generation or Millennials that differentiate them from the old generation.

  • The older generation may sometimes cling to power and are reluctant to accepting help or any kind of charity. They take pride in their own power and ability. The older generation clings to older techniques of solving things rather than adapting to modern technology such as computers and smart phones .

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  • Tech-Savvy-Unlike the older generation that does not employ current technology, Millennials are more technologically advanced compared to other generations. It is, therefore, important for managers to stay up to date with current technology. Their technological capabilities give them access to resources and information easily.
  • Work-Life Balance- Unlike former generations, Millennials is not too willing to sacrifice their lifestyles to pursue a demanding career. Expressing to the millennial that they can have the lifestyle they desire as long as they are meeting work deadlines is important for the new generation.
  • Multitasks – Though Millennials are great at multi-tasking, they are also easily distracted by things like social media and texting. It is important to keep millennials on track concerning organization expectations and goals. Though the millennial generation can be impatient in identifying their aspirations they believe taking appropriate measures to end calamities like poverty and environmental degradation.
  • When this new generation feels that their contribution is valuable to the company, they are motivated to work harder.
  • Collaboration-This current generation is collaborative, loves making friends and is extremely team-oriented. Their collaborative nature enables them to face different issues easily as they can come together to find solutions.

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  • Connected -The current generation is connected through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These social media cites are effective for communication and sharing knowledge they can also distract millennials. It is vital to initiate productive conversations that can benefit your company in the social media outlets.
  • Transparency-An open and transparent relations ship with co-workers and managers is very important to Millennials. Millennials need to be assured that their opinion is of value to the organization and should complement it wherever necessary.
  • Career Advancement-Unlike other generations millennials are more interested in advancing their careers. Millennials seek to have the skills; credentials and knowledge that will help them achieve their goals.


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