Top 3 Ways Dance Can Make People Happier


In this day and age, people are living unhappy lives due to everyday stress of trying to make ends meet. No matter how hard we work it is paramount to note that we need to make ourselves happy and this can be done simply by dancing.

Dance has been found out to relieve sadness and boost ones mood, many love dance but take as a passion or a hobby, considering that dance has the capability of interrupting negative thoughts which bring about sadness it is paramount to make it a lifestyle.
Below is how dance can make you happy:


Whether you are new to dancing or you are a guru, the fact is that in dancing there is always lots of new things to learn be it the steps, choreography or a new style to an old skill. This may be challenging but after completion and you realize you made it your self-esteem will definitely be lifted. This makes you feel proud and good about yourself which is brings forth the best kind of happiness.


Sleep is the best way of rest, and when your body gets sufficient rest it definitely becomes happy. It has been found out that when we sleep our overalls body temperature lowers thus sending a signal to the brain indicating that time to rest has come. Dancing is a great way of exercise, when we exercise our body temperature rises higher than usual so when we sleep it drops greatly sending a message to the brain that time to sufficiently rest has come. This, however, does not mean that you should dance immediately before you go to bed because your body needs some time to stop racing and cool down. This most appropriate time to get to the dancing floor is in the afternoon or early evening.


It has been found out that increased awareness of oneself leads to lower levels of stress hormones; this is easily taught through dance one is taught on how to approach each and every session and also how to handle their feelings. It is essential to understand that our bodies are not machines and that it might take some time to show progress after learning some moves. This enables you to be in control of one’s body and understand its reaction. After some dance session you will notice that within no time that you will be able to carry forward this skills into your life, this will lead to happier you.



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