Top 3 Ways to Prevent Purse Snatching


Handbag snatching and slashing are very common today. More and more women find themselves with the nightmare of having to begin blocking credit cards and reporting to authorities which does consume a lot of time.

For the majority of women, your whole world is in your purse. Everything, every little information about you is in your purse. So when somebody steals your purse it can be scary because they may even have enough information to steal your identity. It is therefore mandatory that you find ways to keep your purse safe from theft.

  1. Be keen

One thing is for sure, you will always have the gut feeling. Most women who have been robbed will tell you that they had seen someone who acted suspiciously but they ignored it because they did not look any different from the other people walking around. After their purse has been stolen, then they wish they had done something or held their purse strongly. Many times you will find that you barely pay any attention to the people around you and you completely ignore your handbag. Nevertheless, in order to kick the bag snatching habit to the curve, you will need to pay attention to your bag and any suspicious people you see.

  1. Go with the cross bag

The cross bag is great especially when you will be walking past a crowd on people in the street. You may be wondering how, but many cross bags are not meant to be wore as many women wear them. You should always ensure that it is tight on your body. Not too tight that you cannot breath, but tight enough. This way you will be able to feel any movement on your bag and will be able to react accordingly. It is also much harder for a person to slash it off of your body. Many handbag thieves do not want to attract any attention so they will go for the loosely held and carried bags.



  1. Be careful with your clutches

One thing about clutches is that they can be taken off your hands swiftly. They have no place you can hold on to when they are snatched. Therefore, you should always be careful how you carry your clutch bags. It is best that you tuck them under your armpit because there you will be able to feel if someone is trying to take them. It is also a great place because it will not be as easy to take it from under your armpit as it would be in your hands.



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